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Our Turnaround team is led by our Chairman, Eric Kohn, who has a strong track record of assisting companies in distressed situations.

We seek to guide our clients through the very difficult process of accepting that major issues have arisen that require urgent restorative action. Our work in this area normally begins with an intense period of engagement with management and shareholders to identify and agree on problems, potential solutions and objectives. We are then well placed to assist in negotiations with the holders of debt and key creditors whilst, in parallel, seeking to identify alternative sources of equity and debt as quickly as possible. If time allows, we will manage a competitive process to determine and deliver the best option for our client. In doing so, we will usually seek to take an active role in the management of the company including a position at Board level.

Our work in this area includes:

  • Clarifying strategic objectives and creating transformational business plans
  • Defining strategies to recover shareholder value
  • Identifying optimal corporate structures
  • Restructuring activity including taking an executive role
  • Securing additional investment (equity and debt)
  • Assistance in the selection of new management
  • Identifying potential divestments and bolt-on acquisitions
  • Providing exit advice